You’re brilliant western paintings for sale are available in canvas print and Liquitex Acrylic paints at the size of 32”Wx26”H. Hurry up! Tons of them sold out!

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Animal lovers are deeply fond of their animals. Here, Len Mondschein’s western art for sale is describing an unconditional love towards a dog and horse from the cowboy. Len being one of the best western artists has given a wide scope to his imagination in this drawing.

The cowboy is resting under a tree but hasn’t forgotten to take care of his pets as well while resting so. He has hugged his dog while sleeping and held the rope of his horse simultaneously as well. The picture clearly indicates a beautiful bonding amongst the cowboy, horse, and dog.

These kinds of pictures hung on your house or an office wall not only adds beauty but also states that you are a zoophilist and care for them as well.

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