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The inspiration and ideas for my artwork preceded its actuality by many years. The subject matter would come from a less complicated and confusing time – a time teaming with a boy’s heroes and hopes.

That was a time – of the forsaken and forlorn lawman who strode along the town’s empty streets to face his fate; of the undaunted rider walking out of the desert determined and steadfast; of the contender who championed the underdog while confronting the bully.

That was a time – of the expatriate, the romantic who let go his love to face the greater challenge; of the irascible yet honorable scoundrels and brigands whose only rules followed were their own; of the star-crossed lovers whose lighthearted pretense belied the reality of their despair; of the ill-fated beauty, so trusting and fragile.

And, that was a time – of a country, young and boundless, ever moving westward with its heroes and hopes; of a country seemingly honest and innocent in its intent – yet, not so honorable towards and tolerant of the innocents in its path.

This then is the essence of my art.

len mondschein
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