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60”Wx36”H and 48”Wx24”H

Your thrilling western paintings for sale are available in Liquitex Acrylic Paints; Canvas paints at the size of 62″Wx38″H. Hurry! A lot of people have bought it!

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We have witnessed a lot of sketches of Len being a few of the visionary western artists. But, this portrayal is probably the best crafting of western art work.
In this western art for sale, Len Mondschein has crafted a picture of the tribal community arming the homeland security. A lot of people with the weapon, especially gun are out there for discussing homeland security.
The man sitting on the horse wearing a brown hat at the right seems to be the anchor of the crew. He has gathered the people to discuss the same.
The Rocky Mountains and a couple of flying birds add a touch of adventure nature to the crafting.
Such adventurous sketches will feel awesome when you hang them on your architect walls. They’ll increase the beauty of your house. Such pictures in the bedroom are probably the perfect place to hang in.

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48”Wx24”H, 60”Wx36”H


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