One of the marvelous western paintings for sale is available in Liquitex Acrylic paints; Canvas paints at the size of 41″Wx30″H. Hurry! A lot of people are on the way to get close to nature.


This is a marvelous picture sketched by one of the premium western artists, Len Mondschein. The picture is clearly indicating an autumn season as the deciduous trees have shed their leaves and their color has changed from green to red.

The water flow has drained a bit as well. The cowboy is on a hunt in the jungle and has seen a reindeer. They both are staring at each other and the cowboy is all in readiness to aim at the animal.

This is a bit suspenseful picture, isn’t it? Len Mondschein wants the viewers of this western art for sale to guess what happened next?

Such pictures will mesmerize you and give an idea of the autumn season. They will not only look beautiful on your walls but also will take you close to nature.


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