Your beautiful courageous cowboy sketch is ready for sale in Liquitex Acrylic Paints; Canvas paints at the size of 41″Wx30″H. Hurry! Stocks selling out!


Here, we are witnessing another fantastic variety of the cowboy sketch pictured by one of the best nostalgia artists, Len Mondschein.

In this nostalgia painting for sale, Len has specifically focused on the properties the cowboy uses. We can see the cowboy has tied a rope to his gun cover, with the gun inside it as a safety measure.

The cowboy has also tied a fancy blue and red mix colored cloth around the neck as a mode of traditional fashion. The bag and yellow cloth have lied around. It seems that the cowboy has returned from the field and chilling in a house.

The picture is specifically highlighting the courage of the cowboy.

Such beautiful nostalgia art will decorate your walls and refresh you every now and then.


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