Your fascinating sketch is available in Liquitex Acrylic Paints, Canvas paints at the size of 21”Wx25”H. Hurry! Stocks selling out!


Len Mondschein here has sketched a very fascinating picture of the cowboy. The western art for sale is showing that the cowboy is riding the horse on the banks of a river at a rapid force.

The big moustache cowboy is dressed in a typical white big hat, yellow coat, and attractive red muffler round his neck. The cowboy is so busy riding that he did not witness the reptile attacking his horse.

But, the horse did see it and made a smart move by turning quickly and away from the reptile’s side. This has helped the horse escape a reptile bite. The reptile seems to be venomous as it has big dark spots on it.

These beautiful western paintings for sale will add a class to your walls and will reflect your love for nature and western art.

The mixture of nature and wildlife in this portrayal indicates why Len is among the best western artists.


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