Your beautiful portrayal is ready for sale in Liquitex Acrylic Paints, Canvas paints at the size of 23″W X 23″H. Hurry! A lot of people have bought it!


Len Mondschein has stretched his imagination power in this western art for sale. The cowboy is relaxing for a while on his horse in the middle of the jungle after having some hectic time at the office.

Surprisingly, the foal is also present out there. This indicates the strong and lovely bonding between the three: the horse, the foal, and the cowboy.

The natural background is crafted beautifully with mountains and evergreen forests. Such a sketch showing the relation between the cowboy and nature adds more beauty to the crafting. Isn’t it? That’s why Len has graded high among the best western artists.

Such glorious western paintings for sale will refresh you every now and then when you hung them on your architect walls. These pictures are the best way to decorate your walls.


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