The fabulous picture is available in Liquitex Acrylic Paints as well as canvas painting at the size of 24”Wx36”H. Hurry up! Decorate your walls now! Several paintings have sold out.


Wildlife art attracts every individual. Len Mondschein is one of the best wildlife artists who have given an extensive vision in portraying wildlife art for sale. The beautiful collection of the finest wildlife artist has huge scope due to a realistic and fantastic portrayal.

Here, Len has stretched his imagination to a new level by designing a picture of polar bears enjoying and having fun in river water. One of the bears is trying to give a pose to the painter to draw its picture as if the bear has realized; the designer is going to draw his picture.

The other two are having a friendly fight behind. The realistic nature in the background has added an extra class of elegance. The picture takes you close to the nature and wildlife.

Such pictures add a touch of gracefulness to your walls when you hang them over there. These are the best ways of refreshing yourselves and taking yourself and the visitors to the forest via imagination.


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