The finest western painting for sale is available in Liquitex Acrylic Paints and Canvas paints at the size of 42”Wx30”H. Hurry up! A lot of sketches sold out!


Massai people sketches are hugely popular amongst western artists. Here, Len has portrayed a beautiful picture of a Massai man relaxing on a rock in traditional attire holding his rifle. Although the man is relaxing, he is alert all the time.

Len Mondschein’s western art for sale clearly indicates that a Massai man holding a rifle is bold and dominant. A red cloth tied around the man’s forehead is a sign that he is on a hunt. The man is also holding a feather of a hawk-like bird along with the gun.

Such paintings add boldness to your house walls. These portrayals are one of the finest ways to decorate your house or office walls. They clearly give a message to all the visitors that you are bold and alert all the time.


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