The beautiful painting of western art for sale is ready in Liquitex Acrylic Paints and Canvas paints at the size of 21”Wx25”H. Hurry up! Numerous sketches sold out!


We all are quite known about the first battle of Manassas. Here, Len Mondschein being one of the best western artists has sketched a bold yet beautiful picture of the First Manassas Man.

The man with ocean-deep eyes is holding his gun with two hands and aiming right at the target with a very clear intent to kill. The man in the fantastic western paintings for sale is wearing a traditional cowboy hat and a coat made of fur with a star symbolizing on his neck.

This is a picture that will add a taste of brilliance to your walls of the hall when you hang it right over there. The picture will leave the visitors amaze and class. It can also indicate that you are always clear about your goals and ambitions.


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