Your fantastic western paintings for sale are available in Canvas and Liquitex Acrylic Paints at the size of 27”Wx23”H. These pictures are TOO FEW AND FAR BETWEEN. Hurry up! Lots of stocks sold out!


Cowboy pictures are the best and most attractive part of western art work. Here, Len Mondschein being amongst the finest western artists has drawn a unique picture of the cowboy.

In this western art for sale, Len has shown that the cowboy and the horse had a hectic day at the office. And now, the cowboy has found some storage of water for drinking purposes to the horse.

The cowboy is admiring the way the horse is drinking the water by looking into the eyes of it. It states the intensity of thirst for the horse. The cowboy is relaxing nearby holding the rope of the horse. It seems that he’s the next one to drink the same water.

The sketch also indicates an unconditional love between the cowboy and the horse.


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